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Hello, my name is Mike Bush, and I am the founder of the Smart Lazy Hustler. Since 2018, I started the first blog on the internet that has helped thousands of youths across the world make money and become RICH. 

I create the Smart Lazy Hustlers as a way to help unemployed youths find other ways to make money and survive. Smart Lazy Hustlers has grown so big and known almost everywhere around the world. 

I have been interviewed by the Daily Mail, South Korean Broadcasting Service, and many other news outlets on why I write the type of business and money tutorials, and my answer was simple “To make young people find a way to survive.”

My Qualifications

Regional Sales Manager – Indian Institute of Technology. 

Here I learn how to convince people just by selling products and services to them. I understood the pyschology behind making people do what you want and believe what you say. 

Software Engineer – Incontent Builders

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I was creating several software that we used for different purposes. Some of them were Bitcoin website, Facebook clones, website for foreign numbers, and making others. 

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