Hi, I’m Sami and I help wildly successful career women to be wildly successful at love. As a Dating & Relationship coach, I help high-achieving, career women with toxic relationship patterns and give yourself permission to have the relationship you want WITHOUT game-playing, having to pretend to be someone that your not or resorting to ‘drastic’ measures to attract your soulmate.

Women can and deserve to have both, and it starts with owning the light within!

Since 2016, I have built a 7-figure heart-centered business; served over 3000 premium clients; helped over 175 of my clients attract soulmate love and get engaged or married; empowered over 200 other clients to reconnect their romantic relationship and in some cases save their marriage from the brink of divorce; birthed my first child; and continued to nurture and strengthen my marriage with my wonderful man.

My work has brought results to my clients so quickly, that it caught the eyes of many reputable international forums and has been featured on the Forbes Magazine, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Glamour, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, New Zealand Breakfast Radio Show, UK Channel 5, Fox News, The Daily Mail, Elite Daily, The Metropolitan and many others.

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My whole philosophy and coaching work is based on the principle that women should not have to choose between a great career and great love.

“Sami’s advice works. I went from single to engaged in 3 months after following her principles, and my man adores me. If it can work for me after struggling so much, it can work for anyone. Take the leap, ladies. You won’t regret it.” ~ Derena, Business Professional, United States

“A year ago, when I came to Sami, I was single, broken, and hurting in my relationships. Today, I am married to the man of my dreams, and everything feels so EASY. The investment in working with Sami was nothing compared to what I have gained in return – marriage & my soulmate!” ~ Priyal, Researcher, United States

“Sami’s work helped me to go from a dissatisfied girlfriend to happy and adored wife. She taught me the skills of embracing my feminine energy, speaking my truth, owning my boundaries and how to navigate real intimacy even in the tough moments.” ~ Jessica, Journalist, United States

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