Does Cash App Work in Canada? [Detailed Guide and Hacks]

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

Designed to make transactions convenient, Cash App is used by well over 7 million people. And this mobile payment service is supported by various mobile operating systems (Android and iOS). But does Cash App work in Canada? Let’s find out.

Cash App isn’t available in Canada for now because Canada isn’t yet listed among the cash app supported countries. However, there are many other apps that are used instead of Cash App for sending and receiving money, like the FOOi app and TransferWise.

Cash App is not designed for international use; only a few selected countries – the US and the UK precisely, can use Cash App. We very well understand the essence of Cash App for speedy and secure transactions. Unfortunately, Cash App is not official in Canada, and you can’t use it for convenient transactions. The question, “does Cash App work in Canada?” is quite challenging, but we will provide the right answer in this article. You’ll equally learn why Cash App does not support Canada, and the potential date Cash App will extend support to Canada.

Does Cash App Work in Canada?

Unfortunately, Cash App does not officially work in Canada. So, you would have to consider using an unofficial Canada-supported platform if you urgently need to transact. Meanwhile, the question should not be whether Cash App can be used in Canada. Instead, it should be whether Cash App allows you to send and receive money as a resident in Canada.

Why? If you are a US or UK citizen travelling to Canada, you can still use Cash App to transact (send and receive from the UK and the US). Of course, your US or UK debit/credit card is still connected to the app; thus, making mobile transactions possible. However, you can’t use Cash App to transact with Canadian residents because they can’t link Canadian credit/debit cards to Cash App.

Also, you can’t use Cash App to transact formally with other mobile payment services. Square, Inc., the developer of Cash App, has made no official announcement regarding convenient transactions between Cash App and third-party mobile payment services.

Why Is There No Cash App in Canada?

Okay, we now know that Cash App is not supported in Canada. But why is there no Cash App in Canada? Why are the developers targeting the US and the UK only?

First, Cash App debut in 2015 as Square Cash, and it is possible that Cash App is still a work in progress. Business-wise, if Cash App decides to extend its mobile payment services to other American countries or go fully international, it will require lots of procedures and expenses.

Also, note that several other countries already have active mobile payment services. The competition will become quite high, and Cash App may be forced into early extinction.

Furthermore, Cash App, from scratch, has the US and the UK as its target audience. So, we will not condemn the company for not supporting Canada at the moment.

Canada is a neighboring country to the US. Why should Canada be absent from the list of supported countries despite being a neighboring country to the US? Well, it is purely business and for reasons known to the company. We can’t also conclude until we receive an official statement from Cash App.

Besides, although Cash App works in the UK, the features are limited compared to the features in Cash App for the US. Moreover, Cash App does not allow users in the UK to send money to other users in the US and vice versa.

When Will Cash App Work in Canada?

It is less likely that Cash App will work in Canada anytime soon, talk more about going fully international. But we remain hopeful because the company grows every day.

In January 2018, the company extended support to the Bitcoin currency. Also, on April 3, 2018, Cash App arrived in the UK, and the UK residents became eligible to use Cash App. So, we can say that with time, Cash App will continue to extend its presence to several other countries such as Canada. We are projecting that on or before 2030, Cash App should attempt to add support for Canada.

For now, there is no official statement from Cash App regarding their possible support for Canada. Also, if Cash App eventually supports Canada, it is unlikely that Cash App users in the US or UK will send and receive money from Cash App users in Canada. This limitation is evident in the current inability of the US Users to send and receive money from the Cash App users in the UK and vice versa.

What Is the Unofficial Way of Using Cash App in Canada?

Our answer to the question, “does Cash App work in Canada?” is “No,” right? But guess what? You can conveniently send/receive money using Cash App in Canada unofficially.

Though unofficial, residents in Canada use this method to transact using Cash App, but it requires faking some details.

It is possible to use Cash App in Canada, and you require Cash App and TransferWise. Since you do not reside in the UK or the US, you will be unable to download Cash App from the Google play store or Apple app store. So, you will get the app from app stores like Aptoide, Uptodown, and Malavida.

TransferWise is supported in Canada, so you will be able to download the app from the play store or Apple app store. In essence, the unofficial way to use Cash App in Canada is linking Cash App with your TransferWise account.

How to Use Cash App in Canada

First, you may have to register to get a credit/debit card in Canada. After that, enable a VPN service and set the US or the UK (your preference). Now, launch Cash App and sign up with your email address. If you travelled in from the US or the UK, you could use your US or UK phone number to sign up. However, you must be sure to access the SMS that will arrive on the phone number.

Upon signing up using email, a verification code, which you will copy into Cash App to proceed, will be sent to that email. After verifying Cash App with the code, skip the field that requests debit card information and create a Cashtag.

Secondly, sign up to TransferWise via the mobile app or the website. Set your account to either a personal or business account and provide the needed information. Since TransferWise supports Canada, select Canada from the list, verify your email, and set your currency. If you want to transact with the US, set the currency to the Dollar and if you are transacting with the UK, set the currency to the pound. To set currency, go to the dashboard, navigate to Balances → Open a Balance, and select the preferred currency.

Add Funds

Now, navigate to the Balances with Local Bank Details and select the currency you prefer between US Dollar and British Pound. Open the balance and return it to the balance page, where you will add funds and activate it. Pick the balance (US Dollar or British Pound) you want to fund and click Add USD or Add GBP. When the form comes up, enter the amount you wish to and click Next.

Select Payment Option

When TransferWise presents the payment options, select the debit card option, and provide the debit card information. Your transaction should now be processed but if you encounter a problem, contact the bank for assistance.

Link Cash App with TransferWise Account

Re-enable the VPN, launch Cash App, navigate to Balance tab, and select Add a Bank. A new form should come up requesting your debit card number. Select No Card and Cash App will present a new form requesting bank details. Copy out the bank details you have on TransferWise, and you should be able to transact with Cash App while in Canada.


We have been able to provide detailed answers to the question, “does Cash App work in Canada?”. For now, know that Cash App does not officially offer mobile payment services in Canada.

We can only anticipate and hope to get an official statement from Square, Inc., the developers, regarding the eventual availability of Cash App in Canada.

In the meantime, you can use FOOi and TransferWise as alternative mobile payment services in Canada.

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