How to Create a Fake Instagram Account Without Phone Number

It is a familiar struggle when you have to create a fake Instagram account without phone number. Perhaps, you want to check out someone’s Instagram, only to find out you’ve been blocked. That’s frustrating. However, like many of us, you might not let this stop you and decide to create a fake Instagram account to follow those who have blocked you. Also, when dealing with private accounts, you need a decent number of followers to avoid suspicion.

You’ve probably noticed that creating multiple Instagram accounts isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Platforms such as Instagram, Gmail, and Facebook are tightening their registration requirements. They often ask for a phone number, even if you have already provided an email address. It can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re just trying to create a ‘finsta’ to follow some private accounts.

Key Takeaways
  • Creating a fake Instagram account without a phone number uses methods such as SMS apps, bulk account creators, and linking to a fake Facebook account, to bypass Instagram’s tightened security measures.
  • If you have multiple fake accounts, you need different email addresses for each, strong, unique passwords, and social media management tools to organize them.
  • When you create a fake account, avoid impersonation, spamming, or any other activities that violate Instagram’s policies.

Can You Create Fake Account on Instagram?

Yes, you can create a fake account on Instagram and even get away with it without ban. Getting away with a fake Instagram account will depend on what you do with the account on Instagram.

Sometimes, people create a fake Instagram account without phone number to spam. Others create them to stay anonymous while some use them to track the activities of other Instagram accounts. As long as your intention is not spammy, you will not have any issues. However, it is not against Instagram policy to have more than one account. Instagram even provides a guide on how you can switch between multiple accounts or even add more accounts. The main problem here is a fake profile.

Lots of fake Instagram accounts pop up every day, so you are neither alone nor the first in this. Instagram also frequently removes several bots and fake accounts but hundreds still slip through the cracks. Fortunately, readers of this particular article will be able to slip through and create a fake Instagram account without phone number.

create a fake instagram account

How to Create a Fake Instagram Account Without Phone Number for Hustling

Everyone and anyone can have a fake Instagram profile, including if you are a yahoo boy looking to run your job well and attract rich clients on Instagram. Also, a fake Instagram account can allow you to use formats like Investment Format to cash out from your clients. If you have a friend who blocked you but need to follow up on their posts, then a fake account is the way to go while staying anonymous.

That said, in this article, I will show you the different methods you can use to create a fake Instagram account without phone number.

1. Use an SMS App

To start, install these apps: Fake Gmail, Fake Text app, and Fake Caller ID app. After installation, navigate to your device settings and access the Secure Apps section. Here, activate both the Fake Text app and the Fake Caller ID app.

Next, open your Fake Text app and configure the account number as 84444444444, set the carrier to Google Voice, and input your actual phone number. Similarly, in the Fake Caller ID app, input your real phone number.

At this point, you need a complimentary Gmail address, a free text number, and an untraceable phone number. Proceed to create a fake Instagram account without phone number, remembering to use your new, anonymous phone number as the contact. This way, you can enjoy your Instagram account publicly without the need to disclose your phone or email address.

2. Use a Bulk Account Creator

You likely know that setting up multiple Instagram accounts has become more challenging. I mentioned before that this is the case on major platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram. They now have stricter sign-up requirements.

However, a bulk account creator can simplify this process, allowing you to create numerous accounts securely and automatically.

This tool can help you during Instagram verification steps. All you need to do is configure the creation task with this tool.

3. Create a Fake Facebook and Link Instagram

How to create a fake Instagram account without phone number

You can create a fake Instagram account without phone number, however, this is known to be tough or impossible by some people—but it is actually simple. I have explained two methods above. Now, you can alternatively create a fake Facebook account and use it to sign in.

You will need a new email with a random name, or use a name similar to the fake Instagram account you want to create.

Generally, there’s no available method by Instagram to create an account without either a Facebook, an email, or a phone number. But since Facebook can be opened without phone number, then it is the best method to create a fake Instagram account without phone number.

Remember, Facebook can be opened with an email address. To use email to open Facebook, all you have to do is tap “Sign up with email” during registration.

Finally, you use the Facebook account to open a fake Instagram account—it’s that easy. I even prefer this method if you can’t buy a virtual phone number to open a fake Instagram account.

4. Go Incognito or Private Mode on Your Browser

Browsers store what is called ‘cache’ and also have cookies that track your activities. Now, you need to get rid of these two items to prevent Instagram from tracking the new account to your existing account.

You can simply clear them or you download and use a different browser. If possible, use another person’s phone if you keep having issues creating a fake Instagram account without phone number on yours.

5. Pick a Profile Name

Depending on why you are opening a fake Instagram account without phone number, whether it is for hustle or to follow someone who blocked you, you need a relevant name. For example, if you are following someone who blocked you, you cannot use your name that they already know of. Also, if you are creating the account to find clients, you might want to use a unique foreign name.

So, the idea is that before you pick a name, you need to understand the nature of your hustles. For instance, are you using dating billing or Investment billing format or setting any other type of hustle? If it is dating billing for clients, you must be sure that the name of your fake Instagram account corresponds.

Experts often make sure that the name of the fake Instagram account corresponds with the name of the email used to open the account without phone number.

Moreover, when clients get in touch with you, they will need that email. Some will verify the email to see if it matches your name. If the email differs from the Instagram account, the client might not be willing to do business with you.

6. Setup Your Account Privacy

How to create a fake Instagram account without phone number

When you successfully create a fake Instagram account without phone number, it does not end there. You need to take steps to make Instagram trust the account. One of the clever ways to make a fake Instagram account look natural is to keep things private.

Instagram allows you to disable certain privacy features or set certain features to private. This also means that you can go fully private.

There are many features available on Instagram that you can set your preferred Instagram privacy. Below is just one of the features. So, for this one, you can make your entire Instagram account private.

While you sign up for Instagram, the default setting of fake account privacy is public. Here is how to set it to ‘Private’ and use it for any dirty activity with an Instagram application.

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • Tap at the top.
  • Tap Who can see your content.
  • Below Account Privacy, tap to check the box next to Private Account.
  • Tap Switch to private to confirm.

7. Set Up Fake Instagram Profile

How to create a fake Instagram account without phone number

At this point, your account privacy is set to private. So, only a select group of people can see your Instagram posts and so on. Remember, this post is about how to create a fake Instagram account without phone number without ban. So, you want the account to be real and natural.

Your fake Instagram account should not use pictures of celebrities such as Cardi B, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Drake, Justin Bieber, etc. Instagram considers it an impersonation. Even if you manage to bypass Instagram, other users will report the account, and that means it will get reviewed and banned in a short time.

Also, Instagram has a Reverse Image Search technology. This facial recognition feature makes it very possible to identify fake accounts, and pictures of people being used without permission, etc.

However, you can still get profile pictures to use on a fake Instagram account profile.

Let’s say you use a model as the face of your Instagram profile – if you are selling facial enhancers. When clients come to your account, the first thing they do is screenshot or download your DP (display photo). They will then use the ‘reverse image search’ feature to verify whether you are impersonating an existing account. When they discover you are not, their trust quickly grows. That does not mean clients still trust you 100%.

Simply head to Facebook and search for unused profiles of people with the countries you have in mind. After downloading the images, use the Instagram search feature to confirm the presence of that face on Instagram. When the face does not show up, you are good to go.

8. Use an Attractive Profile Picture

You need a natural photo. If you are a woman, then you want to use a beautiful woman’s photo. Do the same if you are posing as a man doing the male format.

You must have at least 10 of those pictures. Also, do not start uploading the pictures immediately. Keep them for a while and do other necessary things to boost your trustworthiness on Instagram. You can upload about 3 in a week. The goal is to keep your fake profile real—just like any other Instagram account.

9. Join Engagement Groups on Instagram

Consider joining engagement groups on Instagram; it will help make your fake Instagram account look real. While in any Instagram groups, comment, like posts, and do not be very active. You just need to be a valuable member, that way you can attract organic followers.

Joining a group after creating a fake Instagram account without phone number depends on the purpose of the account. For example, if you create a fake Instagram account as a hustler, you want to join groups with clients. Such groups could be political groups or romance groups. In the case of dating billing romance, joining romance groups is an ideal option.

10. Start Replying to Messages After Some Time

While you are active, an influx of followers will start coming in if your fake Instagram account is relevant. Even people looking for free followers will follow you and request you follow back. The problem with these types of followers is that they will unfollow you after some time.

Nevertheless, accept or follow back only followers that are relevant to your plan. For instance, if I am doing a business campaign, I will only admit men and women who look suitable for business.

For those rushing away with these tips on how to create a fake Instagram account without phone number, don’t miss this. You need to see these particular few-word sections before making a mistake in your life.

The best way to create a perfect fake Instagram account is to use places like cybercafé or public Wi-Fi. If you are using public Wi-Fi, do the needful to hide your IP address.

Buy a Fake Instagram Account Rather Than Create One

You can buy an Instagram account online, but it will cost money. It is not recommended to do so because you do not know what was done with the account initially. It could even be that security agencies are searching for the person behind such an Instagram account.

Make sure to only pay for PVA Instagram account, i.e., PIN verified account. The account should also have a good history so that you won’t have a problem running them for whatever reason on Instagram.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

One of the main things you will experience when you create a fake Instagram account is trying to handle multiple accounts without getting blocked by Instagram. Let me show you some tips.

Utilize different email addresses for each account

Using distinct email addresses for each Instagram account is one of the best strategies for handling numerous Instagram accounts.

This will make it easier for you to manage and keep track of each tab independently. When setting up a new account, use a separate email address not connected to other Instagram accounts.

You can prevent potential security difficulties using separate email addresses for each account. The other accounts won’t be impacted if one is hacked or compromised because they are not connected to the same email address.

Keep Your Logins Safe

Avoid using the same password on several versions by using strong passwords. This will lessen the likelihood of someone hacking into your accounts. Moreover, you want to enable two-factor authentication for each account is advised. When accessing your account, enter a verification code and your password—it offers additional security.

Use a social media management tool


It can be tough to stay on top of all the content you need to share and interact with if you have many Instagram accounts. A social media management tool can speed up and shorten the process.

You can manage several Instagram profiles from a single dashboard thanks to the abundance of social media management solutions accessible. These solutions frequently have functions like post-scheduling, comment and message monitoring, and engagement meter analysis.

Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later are some prominent social media management apps for Instagram. These tools will enable you to manage many Instagram accounts while remaining practical and organized.

Final Thoughts

As I said, Instagram allows you to create multiple accounts, but when you try using it for hustle, you might get blocked because you didn’t set it up properly. This post has shown you some strategic ways to create a fake Instagram account without phone number and never get blocked.

Keep in mind, though, that going through these requirements is now a common reality for us users on major platforms, not just Instagram.

You can always contact me for assistance if you need more information.

I have been researching online opportunities on the internet since 2013. I sold my first internet business in 2016, sold my crypto coin in 2017, and sold my Shiba coin in 2021 and became a Millionaire. I know how to hustle and find opportunities to make money. Make sure to always visit this blog, it is designed for just hustlers!

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