Exposed: How Beginners Do Yahoo on Facebook [Investigation]

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

Using a format is one thing and finding a rich client is another, and for a platform like Facebook, you want to be careful what client you run your format on. So this guide exposes how to do yahoo on Facebook.

If you are a user of the Facebook application or mobile App, you’d notice that a lot of people on the Application are fake. This means they create a fake Facebook account, instead of using it just for pranks, they use it to want to rip others.

When I was speaking to a guy who wanted to remain anonymous, he explained how they do yahoo on Facebook. According to him, he has made over $5,000 within 3 months.

When I asked him how he started to explain…

How They Do Yahoo on Facebook and Get Rich Clients

According to the guy,

“A rich client means there is cashing potential, but when your client is poor, they are not potential. Clients that do not have money are very careful dealing with people they find on Facebook and this is one of the reasons your Facebook account can get suspended. You can also be blocked on FB or your bank drop gets busted because that client will pursue the matter till the last drop of their sweat.

Now, what? It is time to find your wealthy Facebook clients for yahoo on FB. This article tips you on what to do to find rich clients only for bountiful cashout.

Rich clients are waiting. It is just left for you to know who is who. When you plug the ripe fruit, you enjoy the harvest, and this will be the case with your Facebook yahoo after this article.”

how to do yahoo on Facebook and get rich clients

How do you get started doing yahoo on Facebook?

Find the Perfect Name

There is something in a name when it comes to yahoo but many yahoo boys are not aware. For example, you must not use a scamming name that is phonetically or visually similar to that of a celebrity. Also, you do not want to use your native name whereas you claim to be an American. You can be an American with your native name but this will reduce the trust that rich clients should have for your profile.

When picking the right name, do not make the mistake of renaming an FB account. Every Facebook account has a unique URL that contains the original name of the account. If you want to buy a foreign Facebook account, ensure it was created by an American because Facebook marks IP. If you want to create a foreign account yourself, then use a VPN to set your IP to your preferred location. Note that you must always log in to the Facebook account with an IP of that country.

Create a Rich Facebook Profile

To attract riches, you must be mentally rich, and this begins with your FB account. Your profile has to be rich to attract a rich client.

This means that every picture, video, or whatever you post must be rich. The friends you have on your list must also be rich. If you target UK-rich clients on Facebook, make sure you only add or accept friend requests from Facebook users from the UK. You can accept friend requests from Canada, the USA, Australia, Wales, and other top countries, but not an underdeveloped country.

Engage Your Profile

You want an engaging profile to be able to boost your account trust. You can build your Facebook account trust by joining groups, reacting to people’s posts, and suggesting edits on Facebook. Other things you can do to engage your FB account to find rich clients include following/liking pages, reporting posts that are against the Facebook community rules, and answering random questions Facebook will occasionally send you.

Do What Your Target Clients Want

After you create a fake Facebook account to find a rich client, you are not to message random people you come across. Get your account to match the billing format you want to run. For example, if you want to do the format of the grant, then your profile design must show that you are into government grants.  You can be posting fake testimonials but this can come in once after 1-2 weeks while you mostly publish your fake pictures and videos.

Another example is if you are into the dating format for billing, your profile will be that of a single person in need of love. You will join dating groups on Facebook or sign up for Facebook Dating. You can also be posting love quotes and all to convince rich Facebook clients that you are authentic.

Send Strategic Friend Requests

The rich clients will not immediately flood into your profile or page. This means that you must get to work by finding them. This does not mean you have to spam the inbox of rich people or send unsolicited friend requests.

Besides, the Facebook algorithm will suspend or limit your account for sending too many requests. In extreme cases, you can get your fake Facebook account banned. A request a day is OK or join interactive groups where you can get in touch with these rich clients for their permission to become FB friends.

Your Facebook Profile Should be “Rich”

Whether you are impersonating a white man or a celebrity, your profile should be “rich” and “rich.”

You can’t scam on Facebook when you have just 3 pictures on your profile wall. Everyone would know that it is a fake profile.

Your account should possess the following qualities;

  • A rich personality
  • Someone matured
  • Investment-minded
  • Who deals in several businesses
  • An active social media life.

All these are to convince people that your account isn’t fake. When people on Facebook believe that your account isn’t fake, it becomes easy to scam anyone on Facebook easily.

Post “your” Exotic lifestyle

People believe what they see; if what they see isn’t convincing enough, they won’t believe what you tell them. The picture might not necessarily be yours; if you are using a white man’s picture, then you have to look for a white man who is very rich and not popular with people.

Most people on Facebook don’t even care to research a profile. As long as your picture looks quite good and rich, they will believe you wholeheartedly.

There are many places you can collect pictures, and some of them are;

Get the Client

This can work for any type of person, so you don’t need to get a European man or an American man. If you are lucky to see a white man, then it is a good catch also for you.

In this case, anybody that falls for you is a good fit. As long as they can pay the money that you want, go ahead and scam them.

You don’t necessarily need to start chatting with the clients you want to scam on Facebook. Since Facebook allows your friends to see most of your posts, this will be a good step for you;

  • Tell them you want to be their friends
  • If they accept your plea, send them a friend request.
  • If they accept your friend requests, start promoting your scam
  • Show winners
  • Show them your riches along the line.

There are many ways to get ripped on Facebook, but you have to take note of the following.

Lottery Scams

This is a type of scam where they pretend to be a government website, and they send a message to you telling you that they have won a certain amount in the lottery, but their winnings were withheld. Then you inform them that they can get their money if they pay you a certain amount of money.

Donation Scam

This is another way to scam on Facebook that is common. You will start by impersonating famous religious pastors or organizations.

All they do is ask the clients to support the work of God with any amount of cash they can afford. After that, pack your bags and escape.

Loan scams

Everybody wants a loan, which makes this another simple way to scam on Facebook. They start by telling you that you have somewhere to give loans for a ridiculously low amount.

If they want your services, you can charge them a small amount of money (the scam).

Dating Scam

The dating scam is also popular on Facebook.  They push for a relationship to be taken seriously. Then remove anything relating to billing or collecting money from the client till they have secured your trust, that is how they do yahoo on Facebook.

EDD Benefits

EDD is not quite common though, as it has been stopped due to the Corona pandemic. But when on Facebook and someone is requesting your house address or information, please do not give it out.

Final Thoughts

To find a client on Facebook is not hard when your profile is the most attractive out there. An account with only one or two pictures is always a turn-off for clients, so get to work and add more photos. So if you want to do yahoo on Facebook, then you must strategically position yourself.

Make sure every photo you upload on Facebook can bypass the reverse image search feature provided by Google Lens, Facebook face detection, and many other tools.

I have been researching online opportunities on the internet since 2013. I sold my first internet business in 2016, sold my crypto coin in 2017, and sold my Shiba coin in 2021 and became a Millionaire. I know how to hustle and find opportunities to make money. Make sure to always visit this blog, it is designed for just hustlers!

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